Mission and Vision

Urban Data School aims to equip children with the data literacy skills to succeed in our information-driven economy and society.


Our vision is for every citizen in the UK to be data-literate in the same way we are literate and numerate today.


Urban Data School is focused on equipping children with data literacy skills for two key reasons:


  1. Unlike digital skills and software development, data literacy is a skill that is not being addressed by other initiatives in the UK

  2. We believe that the earlier people learn how to understand and engage with data, the more impactful the results


This will be achieved by making available to schools and students curated datasets and accompanying curricula materials and resources to enable the learning of data literacy skills.

About Us

Urban Data School is a project of Fronesys Data Ltd, in collaboration with the Open University, and has grown out of the academic research project MK:Smart, a large collaborative initiative partly funded by HEFCE (the Higher Education Funding Council for England).

Fronesys Data Ltd is a company expert in taking innovate ideas for improving the urban environment through data by applying an 'integrated thinking' approach to its projects.

Meet the Team

Jyoti Banerjee
Director, Fronesys


Jyoti is an entrepreneur; partner in Fronesys; consortium member of MK:Smart; and strategic advisor to the leadership of the International Integrated Reporting Council. Jyoti is leading the development of the Urban Data School concept to go from a research project to the leading platform for assisting teaching of data literacy skills.  

Gerd Korteum 

Academic Researcher


Gerd is a Professor of computing science at University of Delft, Netherlands; entrepreneurship educator; and worked with Annika Wolff to support the piloting of data literacy skills in schools.

Annika Wolff 

Academic Research


Annika is a researcher at the Open University. She designed and piloted the teaching data literacy skills in the classroom. 

John Farr 

Project Manager


John is an Associate at Fronesys working to advance the Urban Data School concept into a viable platform offering to schools.

Catherine Bottrill
Platform designer


Catherine is an entrepreneur and CEO of the Pilio Ltd, an energy and environmenetal analytics software company. Catherine is experienced in building data driven platforms meeting users needs. Catherine is helping to determine the design of the Urban Data School platform and resources.

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